Here comes Winter 2012

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It has been a very long time since I made a post on the frozen north, it was 2006. Somehow, lately I have been getting new followers here on this blog. If you enjoy my writing enough to follow this blog, you should come to my current blog that has a lot of material. It’s called Kindled Commutes. Please get an email subscription, filling out the form under “Book Excerpts” and I will send you a Raw Chapter from a book I am working on called “Stellar Gas”.

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The Crust

•December 29, 2006 • 3 Comments

The outer edge of the Aurora Borealis is extending directly over head. There is cloud cover preventing it from being seen directly. The cloud cover looks like a crust. Like we are in a massive pinkish purple cave, or.. that we are at the center of the Earth, prised of the hoax that has held us here, making our way from our deception…..

They had been told their whole lives that the innards of their Planet was the totality of existence. Of course there were the fantasies and fairy tales, and now they were leaving those pacifiers behind. They had finally broken the code, and spread the solution to the equation, with great stealth, throughout the colony. They had achieved great expertise in their duties, and had created efficient systems that allowed their rulers to leave them to their own devises. It was during that time that the maps were disseminated. It is today that they make their way to the surface, leaving the production of goods to itself, leaving their rulers to their sleeping bellies, and leaving the caves forever.

Those who had first left finally reached the horizon. Nervously, passionately, fervently… they dug their tools… into the crust.


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Inspired by, and Dedicated to: Kelly James, Brian Hall and Jerry Cooke.  (perished in an Avalanche in Wa. State)

Facing the fury of the Planet is a respect for life. The passion for experience. The synonymy with Nature.

To be in the grip of Natures’ Laws is a lifetime in itself. The tragedy can be to not have known.

The confidence to create the circumstance, the will to know, the drive to see.

A sheet of ice? Envious; A blast of wind? Jealous.

It is the avalanche that is the tragic, the accidental tourist against such pride.

They saw the mountain, can the mountain see their Souls! Sheer Consciousness. Eternal.

Angling the Visage

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Some Solstice Links
Organization is the base element of Human behaviour. As people noticed patterns in the movements in the sky, they used them as markers to denote “time passage”.

Breaking out of Mythology and Mysticism, and breaking into Human Consciousness, here is an explanation of some of the first applications of reason, concerning the Solstice and the Change of Seasons: -robert run-

Here is a link to probably the best, to-the-point site on the Solstice:
Within it, there is another link to a very brief Quicktime movie which illustrates the rotation and tilt of the earth as we move through the seasons, don’t forget to find and check that .mov link!:

This is, I think, my favorite site dedicated to organizing.. “Let’s start with the Science”. Indeed.. let’s.
Figuring out the changing seasons, the tilt of the Earth’s axis, the date of the solstice, etc. is _very_ simple. E.g. look at how the rising (or setting) point of the Sun changes during a year. When the Sun rises or sets the furthest to the south, it is winter solstice. If it’s furthest to the north, it’s summer solstice. Measuring the difference between the maximum altitude of the Sun reached on the days of the solstices gives twice the tilt of the Earth’s equator, and hence the tilt of the Earth’s axis of rotation, and so forth. You don’t need satellites or space travel for that.
Looking at nature with open eyes, observing the motion of the Sun across the sky will reveal these things very quickly. So it’s no surprise at all that this was known very early to humans.
(Candlegrove is cool)

This is yet another nice explanation of the Winter Solstice, but probably the best diagram that I’ve been able to find:

Be sure to send me any comments, or any of your favorite Solstice links.
I know I’ll have some writing coming over the course of the next day or two.. So please check back, and thanks for stopping in, friend.

Snow in Heaven

•December 15, 2006 • 6 Comments

The dismal thickness gives way to a furious white swarm.  The snow against the sunrise is a fierce contradiction, but hardly a plague.  This is the release. I think I understand the glee with which people embrace these days. The alternative is grey, it is a soup of cold, hard waiting.

A cup of pristine snow, from the cleanest range air, mixed with warmed milk and cinnamon; This is the only slush worth a damn. There is snow in Heaven.


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There is no vibration in Winter sleet. Moons of Saturn have better resonance. At least we can fabricate some romance there. The unknown and mysterious can be far more worth contemplating than the dreary, bleak greyness we can find ourselves in here; The monochromia.


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Mist obscures the light and it would seem like deep darkness if I didn’t know better. Beyond those clouds is the evidence I’ve already known. Night after night I stand outside and stare, I let my eyes adjust as the sky seems like it will overflow with stars as I’m able to allow in more and more of their light. Why do we chase the stars? What is it that makes us obsess over them? Can we find a way to attribute some of that same wonder to our current residence, are we no less in space? Are we a wonder to anyone? If there is someone out there who sees our blinking with any of the same type of wonder that we have when we look at the night sky… We are so drawn away from here. Like it is our nature to abandon ourselves.

Planet of the Homeless

The Gaze

•December 9, 2006 • 2 Comments

The Milky Way reaches back to itself, draped across the shoulders of the trees on either end of the sky. Looking out over its past like a proud life. My mouth agape, in awe and utter rapture, I’m caught in the gaze, forever.


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The dawn neither waits for, nor holds to any moment. Morning is fleeting peace. For now I lie in fallen clouds, I am the angel, finally. The frozen lace wraps me, the pendant. The space they left behind thickens with stars. I am the substitute.

This is not Cold

•December 7, 2006 • 3 Comments

I am the Tundrafied Man. I am safe in the womb of the Frozen North. The walls are packed in. The air is moist and clean. There is no darkness under the night sky. The stars and the moon are the guides to the path that is the way to the stream. The crystal snow glints, applauds, in their cast breath. The sun remembers my visage. It reminds me with an angled glance: “We are still home”.  This is not cold.